Dave Spano


President & CEO 
Annex Wealth Management

You, too, can become your organization’s Brand Spokesperson
– with the right coaching.

In my nearly 25 years as Creative Director for WTMJ, one of the nation’s legendary news-talk-sports stations, the hands-down favorite part of any day was working with clients in the recording studio.  Beyond recording their voices and editing the takes together into a 60-second commercial (and often as re-wording their copy to make it easier to read and more effective) my greatest joy came from coaching clients – to be as real in front of a microphone as they were in front of a friend, neighbor, or customer.

I can proudly say, of the dozens and dozens of brand spokespersons I’ve coached over the years, Dave Spano was one of my first.  Full discretion, Annex Wealth Management is who we called on when I took early retirement to realize the dream of running my own ad agency, but I’d been working with Dave on his spots for years prior.  To this day, when I show up for a meeting with Annex our rep, he greets me with “There’s the Maestro!” which still makes me turn a few shades of red.  Still, it’s great to hear the confidence in his voice – the same way he sounds in person as he does when he’s recording voice tracks for a commercial.  It all started with walking Dave through the Five Steps, below.

By helping clients feel comfortable using a mic – to 1) Smile, 2) Speak Up without shouting, 3) Speak From the Heart vs. read, 4) Tell Their Story as if reading to a 3rd grader, and 5) Relax knowing that there was no bloopers reel, only the final edit of “the good stuff” saved as evidence of their work – not only were clients able to get over their Spokesperson Stage Fright, but to go on to sound confident, caring, knowledgeable, neighborly, human, and above all approachable to prospective customers.

Do you wish you could sound confident in your commercials?  Is Spokesperson Stage Fright getting in the way of you being the brand voice of your company?  Not only can MADBRAMA give you the cure, but eliminate your commuting time with our Anywhere Recording Studio.  Whether in your office, conference room, shop floor, service bay, we use the exact same recording software found in major market studios and a microphone that outperforms high-end mics anchored to hard-wired audio soundboards.

Even more important, instead of a pre-recorded seminar or series, MADBRAMA offers you 1) live, hands-on, in-person coaching, 2) script evaluation and re-write, and 3) onsite recording anywhere in Metro Milwaukee for just $295 plus tax.

Better still, when you engage MADBRAMA as your agency for creative, production, and media buys, this trio of services are yours at no extra charge.  You only cover the actual cost of the media purchased – radio, TV, or digital.  Minimum media purchase required.

Oh, and if you think you “don’t have a voice for being on the air,” know this: People will engage much better with a person who sounds like their neighbor than someone who’s always in that “radio voice.” If you can sound comfortable, real, and normal, your credibility leapfrogs over those “announcer-types” in a heartbeat.

So rather than paying someone else to represent your products or services (someone who’s likely the voice of a number of other items), step up and be the unique voice for your brand and become an All-star Brand Spokesperson yourself!  MADBRAMA makes it easy and affordable.

Let’s get to work!  How about your place?!