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Commercials Award

Jim Gilles

72 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Awards For Excellence
Commercial, Promotional, & Public Service Messages
24 consecutive years

10 Achievement In Radio Awards
Best Creative Director, Best Campaign, Best Commercial

6 ADDY Awards
Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Local Advertiser
Raleigh, North Carolina – National Advertiser

Country Music Association Award
Public Service Promotion

National Orientation Association Award

Why do so many business owners strive for a “creative” commercial? 

So it will be remembered? 

Hold that thought. 

When it comes to advertising honors, you need to understand that virtually all awards are won based on levels of “creativity.”  That means bells & whistles production value, announcer delivery, and humor. 

Understand this: Award-winners are not judged based on how much business it brought the one who paid to air it. 

Winning awards is exciting.

Yet, if your message doesn’t move your products and services, advertising is at best “creative expression.” 

Your message must be memorable

So make sure it has what it takes to go to work for you.    

At MADBRAMA, that’s job #1.