And Your Customers Lived Happier Ever After

Every business has a story – a story with a beginning, a middle, and hopefully… no end.  To ensure the story of your business continues, your customers need to hear a very specific story – the story that convinces them of one thing: they will live happier ever after because of you. 

Notice I didn’t say “happily” ever after.  There’s no one product or service that can cure all woes and put smiles on the faces of every man, woman, girl, and boy.  Still, to the extent that your product or service does solve a problem for someone, that person will be happier from that day forward, and they’ll have you to thank for it. 

So let’s put it in the simplest of terms.  What problem does your product or service solve?  If it doesn’t completely solve the problem, how does it at least make life more bearable? 

Let me give you an example.  At the moment, it’s tax season.  I hate paying taxes.  Even worse, I hate the ordeal of compiling all my receipts, my 1099’s, my mileage reports, my interest and dividend statements – all that paperwork – and still have to write a check out to Uncle Sam for the privilege of running a business in this land of opportunity. 

In short, I have a real problem with keeping track of details that would help me pay less in taxes legally. 

But then, TripLog entered my life.  TripLog automatically keeps track of every single mile I drive – for business, personal, medical, or charitable reasons.  Better still, each week, TripLog emails me – and my bookkeeper – a copy of all my driving activity, broken down by mileage and the going deductible rates for each.  Even better, at the end of the year, I get a complete rundown of all my driving activity – for both of the cars I drive – all nice and neat for my bookkeeper to enter into the tax forms.  Best of all, I don’t have to do much of anything except start the car.  TripLog turns on with the cars’  Bluetooth and starts tracking as soon as the car starts to move.  I’m driving and getting my taxes done “happier ever after.” 

So ask yourself, “Why would my customers live happier ever after once they hear about me and my product or service?”  You can feel the words coming to you already!  Your marketing message will practically write itself! 

Then again, if you have better things to do with your time than trying to find the right words your customers need to hear – or figuring out where your customers are most likely to read and hear your words – that’s where MADBRAMA Creative enters your story

On top of decades of experience crafting and producing literally tens of thousands of messages for radio, TV, print, and social media – all while winning dozens and dozens of local, state, and national awards – MADBRAMA Creative can do it all for you at little or no added cost beyond the media buy itself.  

Isn’t it time you, your business, and your customers started living happier ever after?  Begin with a visit to for your free Copy Check-up today!