Photo by Justin Lim on Unsplash

Fine.  You’re having a sale.  Lower price, amazing financing, added freebies, balloons for the kiddies, and pony rides.  But why should we buy your product in the first place?

A lower price is not a reason to buy.  It’s an incentive – a stimulus – for buying now instead of later.  The reason to buy your product is the answer to a very simple question:  How will your product change my life for the better?

True, advertise a sale and you may very well see an uptick in store traffic, web hits, and phone calls.  But ask yourself how many more sales will you miss because you didn’t say a word about why your product will solve a customer’s problem, relieve a pain point, achieve a goal, make the world better, or create an escape to a better place?  For that matter, consider this: how much harder will your salespeople have to work – how much time will your reps spend – trying to convince each prospect that the advertised major purchase is really worth it?  Think of the time they would save if customers were essentially pre-sold and your reps could just take the order and get on the next in-home consultation?

In short, when it comes to your marketing message, if all you’re selling is the sale, you’re selling yourself short – and working harder to do it.

At MADBRAMA, we specialize in Memorable Advertising Branding & Marketing.  We have the expertise and experience to craft and produce messages that answer your customers’ three most important questions:  Why you?  Why now?  What will change my life tomorrow if I only knew about it today?  Better still, we can do it without added cost to your ad budget.  Start with a free copy checkup at