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Winner of 92 local, state, and national awards for creative commercial copy writing and production. Yet, more important than a bunch of hardware on the wall is creating messages that motivate customers to purchase products and services. Key is making messages that are Memorable. That’s the M in MADBRAMA: Memorable Advertising Branding and Marketing. Let’s get to work and make this a Memorable day! 

On the personal side, Jim is married to his beautiful (trophy) wife, Lauri, and father of two amazingly talented daughters, one who is pursuing a very successful music career with her husband in the Nashville area.  Their younger daughter is somewhat following her dad’s footsteps in marketing with a major national retailer, while her husband’s career focuses on cybersecurity and data management. 

Why you, why now, and why will your customers' lives be changed tomorrow by hearing about your and your product today? Let's make it a Memorable one - together!

Jim Gilles