Your Site Studio

We’ll Come To You!

    With our Your-Site Recording Studio, MADBRAMA brings the technology and the skills to you!  Make your life easier and save yourself the commute!  Better still, onsite recording with our Anywhere Studio is a FREE service when you choose MADBRAMA as your agency.

Adobe Audition Digital Multi-track Recording Software

    In the broadcasting industry, it’s one of the most widely-used recording software in studios across the country.  It’s loaded with the ability to create major studio effects – reverb/echo, voice equalization, compression/expansion, time squeezing & stretching, and more!  Yet this very same software can and does operate with ease on laptop computers as well as desktop workstations.  So why aren’t more producers using it in a mobile setting to make your life easier?

Audio Technica AT2020-USB-Plus Microphone

    Welcome to freedom!  Unlike studio-bound microphones, requiring the boat anchor of a stationary audio board interface, miles of wires, and typical desktop workstations, the Audio Technica connects directly to a laptop via USB!  Crisp, clean highs, warm lows, and frequency response from 20-20,000Hz – combined with the same digital recording software that used to cost you hours of commuting time each year – will change your commercial recording habits… forever.

MADBRAMA:  Let’s get to work.  How about your place?